Meet your Teachers

EAL programs are ground based, so no riding is involved , this gives the horses the opportunity to teach us!

Why Horses

  • As herd animals ,they intuitively seek strong leadership in order to feel safe and secure.
  • They respond to energy , intentions , actions and body language
  • Horses teach in a way that involves us mentally , physically and emotionally.
  • Their instincts and senses are very astute
  • They are aware of our every move.

Along with their sensitive nature they really do make the most incredible teachers.

Our horses welfare is of the utmost importance because they deserve the best from us. At the end of each session we do a beautiful release technique that mimics what the mares do to their foals in nature. We also thank them to show  our gratitude in return for all that they give us.

The Wagon

This is the perfect space with its inspiring view of Mt Ruapehu, to have some quiet time to reflect and write down  your thoughts on “What did my horse Teach me today”

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