Our Programs are based on the researched and proven success of The Academy of Equine Assisted Learning Building Block tm Curriculum.

EAL has proven to be effective , powerful , positive , educational and creative.

The programs enhance personal and professional development and help participants learn important life skills.

We strive to maintain a high standard of safety for both our horses and participants .

EAL formula

Horses + Objective-based  Exercises + Effective  Facilitation + Experiential Learning = Positive Change

Some of EALS programs benefits are

  • Enhances verbal and non verbal communication
  • Teaches empathy and willingness to accept responsibility while developing healthy relationships
  • Provides an opportunity to empower individuals to expand personal comfort zones while building confidence and self esteem
  • Engages in discussion and activities to learn more about the horse and themselves
  • Provides insight into group dynamics while enhancing problem solving skills

How It Works

  • Participants are placed into teams of 2 or 3 and 1 horse, who is both your team member and teacher
  • Together the team interacts through a series of tasks to achieve a specific objective
  • Your facilitator is there to guide not direct the team though the tasks
  • Programs can be tailored to suit your groups goals

We look forward to creating you a program that is a unique and meaningful learning experience!

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