Welcome to Soul 2 Soul, where you can learn skills for life

We are based in the stunning Ruapehu region.

Personal development

Soul 2 Soul offers a meaningful learning experience for personal development that encourages individual and team growth through experiential learning with a twist.

The horses are the Teachers!

Horses by nature require trust, respect and teamwork from all members of the team and provide us with non judgemental, honest and instant feedback.

Learning to listen to what horses have to say is powerful!

Their sheer size and presence and need for us to be present heightens our own need for an awareness of ourselves and those around us.

The Journey

The role of the facilitator, together with the horse is to guide the group through each team building program, allowing participants to experience their own journey through the tasks within a fun and engaging team environment.

Soulful Connections

Working with horses can lead to light bulb moments of self discovery but their real gift to us is the heartwarming feeling we get when 2 Souls truly connect.